Secura - Sectional garage door with wicket door

The Secura sectional door is also available with a central wicket door from our Pro range.

This door is motorized and the panels are insulated 40mm.

It is a door delivered pre-assembled (completely assembled in the factory) or in a pack (assembled in the factory then partially disassembled) depending on the dimensions.

This door is also available in a version without a wicket door.

Delivery within 2 to 4 weeks

From 3024

Sectional garage door measurement

French made garage door

Sectional garage door with wicket door, motorized and insulated, 2 sides steel 0.35mm polyurethane foam 40 mm.

This door includes Nylon overmolded ball bearing pulleys for quiet operation. The bottom door seal is an epdm bead gasket, allowing it to conform to the shape of your sill and prevent the passage of air.

The integration of the wicket door on this door is made so as not to degrade the insulating qualities of the door, as well as its rigidity. This wicket door includes a 5-point lock. The frame of the wicket door is available in natural anodised aluminim.

This sectional door is delivered to you pre-assembled or in a pack (assembled entirely in the factory then partially disassembled for transport) with illustrated assembly instructions in French, written by our design office (see Documentation tab).

Coefficients of thermal resistance

Ud = 0.56 W/m²K for single panel

Ud = 0.95 W/m²K for the complete deck (= assembled panels)

Ud = 1.48 W/m²K for an installed door, taking into account the installation on a standard support.


Available in 6 standard sizes:

W2400 / 2500 / 3000 mm and H2000 / 2125 mm

or custom-made:

Width from 2000mm to 3000mm
Height from 1850mm to 2500mm

The minimum distance between the mounting brackets for this sectional door is 75 mm (see measurements 3 and 4 in the dimensional drawing). The lintel drop must be at least 150 mm (measure 5 on the diagram).

The + products

bullet Excellent thermal and sound insulation
bullet An integrated gate
bullet Fully mechanical anti-lift safety device on the engine
bullet No external overflow
bullet Robust steel mechanics
bullet Motorized with 2 remote controls & very simple settings