Windows and decorationsfor sectional garage door

Portholes, decorations and cat flap for sectional garage doors

Here are the different sizes of portholes available

RectangleSquareSmall RoundRoundLarge RoundRectangle
Opening width (mm)470265⌀ 265⌀ 315⌀ 365585
Opening height (mm)300265172
Thickness Iso 20mmOccitania >Square (pvc) >MPM (pvc) >
Thickness Iso 40mmNew Garona >
Occitania >
Square (pvc) >
Alunox >
MPM (pvc) >
Alunox >
White Steel >Alunox >Alunox >

Our wide range of windows fits most sectional garage doors on the market.

To drill or enlarge an opening in a garage door panel, choose a metal jigsaw blade.

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