Air conditioning cover

Opt for an aesthetic and durable air conditioning cover

An air conditioning cover allows you to hide the exterior engine block of your air conditioner or your heat pump (PAC). These blocks are often unsightly, especially when placed on your balcony or terrace, always in your field of vision.

An air conditioning cover also makes it possible to extend the life of your air conditioning, to limit noise pollution and to protect children from an accident with these devices, while enjoying 100% of your exterior, without the unsightly and too visible vision. of these facilities.

Our range of air conditioner and heat pump covers offers several decors, all available in 4 standard colors and 37 special ones to perfectly match your home!

Ultra-simple assembly and installation in 15 minutes flat

The assembly of our air conditioner covers is simply done by 15 screws thanks to an ingenious design. These fasteners are inside the cover and are therefore invisible once the assembly is mounted.

Fixing to the wall is done with 4 screws and dowels. The Axone Spadone air conditioning cover can then be quickly removed for the annual review of your installation (an air conditioning cover does not exempt you from servicing the engine block;) )

Air conditioning and heat pump cover
Air conditioning and heat pump cover dimensions - size S Air conditioning and heat pump cover dimensions - size M

Protect your air conditioner with a robust housing

Designed from galvanized steel then painted by powder coating, our air conditioning covers are resistant to time and climatic conditions. Installing a protective cover on your engine block will limit the impact of the weather on your installation.

Indeed, necessarily installed outdoors, these devices are abused by the climate. Protecting them will extend their life by limiting the impact of rain, snow or hail on their structure. UV rays from the sun and the moon will also be blocked.

Respect the air flow of your heat pump / air conditioner

Concealing the motor unit of your installation should not be done anyhow. It is important to respect the hot and cold air flows of your air conditioning in order to maintain optimal operation.

To do this, our air conditioning covers are designed to allow a flow of incoming fresh air to pass through the rear thanks to large cut-outs over the entire length at the level of the fixing wall. At the front and on the sides, our contemporary decors are used to evacuate hot air, which does not stagnate in the box.

Key points of the air conditioning cover:

Concealed assembly

The stainless steel screws connecting the panels are inside so they are not visible once the cover is assembled.

Easy assembly

The 4 panels are assembled with 15 stainless steel screws. Fixing to the wall is done with 4 screws and dowels provided. Everything can be done in 15 minutes Chrono!

High rigidity

Each thermo-lacquered steel panel is folded on the 4 sides, in order to give them great resistance.

Sufficient air intake

Large air intakes are present at the rear of the air conditioning cover so as not to hinder the arrival of fresh air. The patterns on the front do not retain the hot air leaving the engine block.

Does not retain water

The top cover is made with a slight slope so as not to retain rainwater. This also applies if you install a bottom cover for air conditioning.

Historical know-how

Axone-Spadone has used its 60 years of fine sheet metal know-how to develop this range of thermo-lacquered steel air conditioning covers with a wide variety of decors and colors. All our products are manufactured in our factory in Delle, in the North East of France.

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