Panorama of the Delle factory

The Spadone brand has been synonymous with garage doors since 1964 !

In Delle's factory, (France 90100), Spadone sectional garage doors and insulated up-and-over garage doors are produced both in standard sizes and in custom-made production. Axone Spadone ensures the design, production and marketing of its garage doors. As well as pre-sales and after-sales technical assistance.

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1. Marketing is carried out by a network of garage door specialists, dealers and installers, for products in the "Pro" range, under the Spadone brand.

2. Our "Eco" garage doors are available in most do-it-yourself stores in France

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birthday spadone - 51 years old

Jean Spadone
Jean Spadone

More than 50 years of history

The Spadone brand has been synonymous with garage doors since 1964. Jean Spadone, who had already been in the world of shutters for some ten years, started designing and producing up-and-over doors. In the former family farmhouse that later became the Spadone Fermetures store.

The production power of successive family factories (Soferba in Bavilliers, then Spadone technic in Champagney, and today Axone-Spadone in Delle) allows the national influence of the Spadone brand.