Up-and-over garage doors

You will find the same panels as the sectional doors, this time with the possibility of an integrated service door.

We offer a wide range of possibilities for our up-and-over garage doors. For all prices and for all tastes, give free rein to your imagination and compose the garage door that suits you.


Possible colours for garage door panels

We offer a range of 5 colours. The timeless white (RAL 9016), the anthracite grey trend (RAL 7016) and a lighter variation, concrete grey (RAL 7023).

Let's not forget golden and dark oak: it gives you the appearance of wood, essential for certain architectures, without the constraints of maintenance or aging.

The latest in faux wood tones: the winchester. A natural wood stain, currently available in a smooth polygonal pattern with a high groove (see section "the relief").

Furthermore, since your door is made just for you, we can produce dozens of other RAL colours, on request, with an automotive-quality lacquer finish.

The relief

Relief garage door panels

White (RAL 9016) and custom colours are available in all finishes: Wide groove (UU), No groove (RF) and High groove (RT).

Golden oak and dark oak are available with a wide (UU) groove only.

Anthracite grey (RAL 7016) is available in a wide groove (UU) or groove-less (RF) finish. And quartz grey (RAL 7039) comes with a high groove (RT), a trend that comes after anthracite grey.

Portholes and decorations

White up-and-over garage door with large steel window in brackets

Don't forget the portholes and decorations to personalize your overhead door!

Discover some of the possibilities offered here :
Up-and-over portholes and decorations

Model presented : large size porthole in alunox with smoked and frosted glass. This large porthole model is specially designed for our up-and-over garage doors!

The wicket door

Custom-built up-and-over garage doors with service door

We offer you the possibility of adding a service door to your up-and-over garage door.

Lara doors can be manufactured with a left or right hand wicket door equipped with a 1 point lock.

Aura doors are equipped with a wicket door with a 3-point lock. The Aura 60 door is the only 60mm insulated door with an integrated wicket door.

Model shown: Custom made Aura up-and-over garage door with wicket door.

The finish

40mm insulation garage door panel cutter

- The Mezza range: A 20mm insulated up-and-over door at a low price. An excellent alternative to the classic sheet metal doors.

- The "Lara" range: Galvanized steel frame, 1-point floor lock, wicket door with 1-point lock, PVC handles. No threshold bar and non-adjustable rail suspensions.

- The "Aura" range (40 or 60 mm insulation): powder-coated frame and opening frame, 2-point floor locking, service door with 3-point lock, powder-coated aluminium handles. Flush-mounted or flat-floor threshold bar and adjustable sliding rail suspensions.

Discover all our ranges
of up-and-over doors

  • Eco Series 20 mm
    2000  ↔  3300 mm1850   ↕   2400 mm
    • 20mm Isolation
    • Motorizable door
    • Optional side door
    €744 incl.VAT
  • Eco Series 40 mm
    2000  ↔  3000 mm1850   ↕   2250 mm
    • Isolation 40mm
    • Motorized door
    • Standard side door
    €1,920 incl.VAT
  • Pro Series 40 mm
    2000  ↔  3500 mm1850   ↕   2400 mm
    • Isolation 40mm
    • Motorized door
    • Very neat finish
    • Thermolacquered frame
    • With a standard side door
    €2,784 incl.VAT
  • Pro Series 60 mm
    2000  ↔  3500 mm1850   ↕   2400 mm
    • 60mm insulation
    • Motorized door
    • Very neat finish
    • Thermolacquered framing
    • With standard door
    3,144€ incl. VAT
  • Pro Series Bare
    2000  ↔  3500 mm1850   ↕   2400 mm
    • Bare frame
    • Delivered without cladding
    • Motorized door
    • Thermolacquered framing
    • Optional with door
    1,800€ incl. VAT

Examples of achievements

Dark oak up-and-over garage door with wicket door and a mantling with two oblong portholes.

A dark oak up-and-over door installed on a farm. The garage door comprises a wicket door and a mantling with two oblong portholes.

White up-and-over garage door with square portholes

A white polygrain overhead door with a wider wicket door to allow the passage of a motorcycle. Three stainless steel square portholes and matching street number decorations.

Up-and-over garage door white smooth slats with oblong portholes

A made-to-measure up-and-over door with smooth white panels with horizontal grooves in 250 mm increments. Four portholes in white powder-coated steel.

Up-and-over garage door with wicket door and large spinnaker window.

A wide-grooved up-and-over garage door with a service door. Wide porthole spinnaker in white powder-coated steel.

Up-and-over garage door quartz grey insulation 40 mm small groove and portholes

A quartz grey (RAL 7039) up-and-over door with high RT grooves. Three oval portholes in colour-coordinated powder-coated steel.

White up-and-over garage door with bracketed window in powder-coated steel

A white up-and-over garage door without a smooth groove with a large bracketed window and single pane granite safety glass.