Aluminum and powder-coated steel screen

The combination of aluminum posts and powder coated steel panels ensures a resistant and durable construction over time. Posts and panels can be painted in one of the 41 colors we offer. It ranges from the most common shades (white or gray) to more special shades (red, brown, blue, green, yellow).

These colors combined with the possible decorations will make your privacy screen a unique model! The modular design allows you to vary the perforated panels and the solid panels, as well as the panel heights to obtain a screen adapted to your environment.

Brise vue aluminium en situation
Poteaux brise vue aluminium


The posts are made of 72x72 mm extruded aluminum, supplied with 1 base plate to be anchored to the ground and 1 cap which covers the top end.

They are available in 5 heights: 350, 700, 900, 1100 et 1800 mm. You can however cut them at another height if you wish.


The panels of our privacy screens are produced in two heights: 250 and 800 mm. This allows for many assembly combinations, mixing heights or installing them contiguous or slightly spaced.

They are available in 3 lengths of 960, 1460 and 1960 mm, which, if necessary, can be cut up to 250 mm on each side.

Solid or perforated, they are divided into 4 categories according to the complexity of their decorations.

Panneaux brise vue en acier thermolaqué avec décors ajouré

The usefulness of a screen

Arranged at the edge of your garden, at the edge of a balcony or at the end of a terrace, a screen is an elegant way to add a designer fence element. At the edge of a spa or a swimming pool, the screens also provide protection from the wind. These new possibilities allow you to rethink your outdoor space.

Used as a fence, the screen can be used to stylishly demarcate your property.

Install an aluminum screen

You don't have to be a great handyman to install breezes! The panels are fixed in a groove on the aluminum posts, allowing easy assembly. The fixing plate at the foot of the posts allows fixing to a wall or directly to slabs. The set can be placed at an angle for more resistance, alone or on a wall.

Historical know-how

Axone-Spadone has used its 60 years of fine sheet metal expertise to develop a range of powder coated steel screens with a wide variety of colors and decors.

Our privacy screens are designed with aluminum posts and powder coated steel panels with a wide range of decors, to protect you from the wind and be sheltered from prying eyes while embellishing your exterior.