40mm Insulated Service Doors

Single-leaf service door (Width up to 1250mm)

Vertical and horizontal sectional views allow a better understanding
of the measurement and implementation of our products.

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2-leaf service door

Animation motorized 2-leaf door seen from aboveMotorized 2-leaf door animation

Mechanism for motorizing a double-leaf door

The Iso40 service door, in the 2-leaf version opening outwards, can be motorised by our operator One 600 equipped with 2 adjustable arms.

(Ultimate solution for small garages and garages with full ceiling obstacles)

Mechanism for opening a motorized double-leaf service door

2-leaf service door animation external view

2-leaf service door animation interior view

Mechanism for a manual door

Examples of achievements

40 mm insulated service door with cat flapInsulated service door 40 mm with half moon windowInsulated service door 40 mm golden oak colour40 mm insulated service door with wood cladding

40 mm insulated double-leaf service door with imitation fittings

40 mm insulated double-leaf service door 40 mm with 4 windows

Coordinated service doors

Our service doors can be coordinated with our overhead and sectional garage doors.
We use the same panels for a closer look on both doors.

Steel frame 40x40, continuous aluminium hinge, 3-point hook lock.

Max. size 1250 X 2500 h Also available in 2 leaves. Maximum width 2,50m.

Opening to the right or left, inside or outside.

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