Our points of sale

Garage door manufacturer since 1964, our human size gives us the opportunity to stay close to our consumers, which is the basis of our philosophy.

Axone Spadone, which already has more than 250,000 doors installed, relies on its distribution partners.
Both major retailers and DIY stores, as well as a network of professional clousre installers.

The coordinates of our points of sale are shown on the map below.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

Our spare parts are only available on the online shop.

BricomanBrico Leclerc
Mr. BricolageEntrepôt du Bricolage
Brico MarchéBrico Cash

Spadone Fermetures

Spadone Fermetures, in Bavilliers (FR 90800), is a factory shop that serves as a vector of information for the constant improvement of our production and as a point of sale for the usual range, exhibition doors or market test.


Outdoor exhibition of Spadone Fermetures

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