Conditions of use - reviews from Internet users

Axone Spadone offers on its site the possibility to rate and post reviews on the products sold.

The online posting of a comment or opinion by an Internet user presupposes prior acceptance and compliance with these terms of use.

State of mind:

The "customer opinion" tool of the site has the main objective of creating a space of expression and contribution to Internet users in relation to the products they buy and know, to allow them to freely give their opinion and inform buyers of the site in a loyal and constructive spirit

No consideration can be offered in exchange for a comment. 

The aim is therefore to bring out the opinions present, to respect the points of view and to allow Internet users to form an opinion.

Comments or opinions should not :

- be defamatory, insulting, obscene, offensive, violent or inciting to violence, political, racist or xenophobic and generally contrary to the laws and regulations in force, to the rights of persons or to good morals;

- refer to or mention the opinions of other Internet users;

- be used for personal or professional purposes, particularly for advertising;

- contain personal data ;


A comment related to a product can only be posted by a person who ordered and received the item in question. Publication of notices is then automatic and instantaneous.

Comments may be moderated. Thus, Axone Spadone reserves the right, without having to provide justifications, to post a reply under the original message or not to put online and delete at any time, comments including personal information relating to the author of the comment or to any third party or which do not seem to be in accordance with the spirit of the site or the requirements, including offensive or defamatory comments against the author or any legal or physical person or which are contrary to the law, including defamatory, violent, racist, pedophile, calling for murder or suicide, inciting hatred or discrimination. Comments including information that is not related to the product concerned or its author are excluded. The content of the seller's comments must not infringe copyright or any other third party rights. 

The fact of publishing or not publishing a comment does not involve the responsibility ofAxone Spadone.

If a person has reason to believe that a person is infringing or causing harm to a right that he or she holds, he or she must inform at the following address so that it can take the necessary measures:

Axone Spadone
Technoparc Franco-Suisse
90100 Delle - France

Authorization to operate

Comments posted on the site are kept for an unlimited period of time.

The Internet user authorizes, free of charge, the use of the comments of which he is the author Axone Spadone for an exploitation in connection with the marketing and promotion of the product to which it relates in particular for the following modes of distribution:

- on the Internet, in particular on all institutional, commercial or community sites, blogs and/or web pages, as well as on search enginesAxone Spadone, in particular those that publish opinions and comments;

- within the framework of internal and institutional communicationAxone Spadone and journalistic information;

- on all printed media including publishing, catalogues, press, flyers, POS.

For the purpose defined above, the exploitation rights granted include :

- under the right of reproduction, directly or through a third party, the right to reproduce, to have reproduced, to put into circulation, to make any copy, double, duplicate without limitation of copy, in whole or in part, free of charge or against payment, on any paper, computer, electronic, audio, optical and/or any other current or future medium, by any current or future process.

- by virtue of the right of representation, directly or through a third party, the right to represent, to have represented publicly, in whole or in part, in whole or in part, free of charge or against payment, by any process such as representation on screen, or any other process in any public or private place.

- in respect of the right to broadcast, directly or through a third party, free of charge or against payment, the right to broadcast by hertzian means, by satellite, by television broadcasting, by any means of cable operator or by any other means of telecommunication, present or future. This right also includes broadcasting on internal networks and broadcasting in networks intended for a public not grouped within a legal entity such as the Teletel and Internet networks.

- in respect of derived rights, directly or through a third party, whether free of charge or against payment, the right to use, adapt, arrange, modify, translate and have used, adapted, arranged, modified, translated in whole or in part.

Personal data

The Internet User accepts that in the context of the distribution of comments, certain personal information concerning him/her appears, namely: first name and town of residence. 

The comments and personal data of Internet users are collected and processed by computer for the purposes of managing and disseminating comments. 

In this context, the data collected may be transferred to a service provider for the purposes of managing the comment management tool. 

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 amended by the Act of 4 August 2004, Internet users have the right to access, rectify and oppose data concerning them by sending an e-mail or letter to :

Axone Spadone
Technoparc Franco-Suisse
90100 Delle - France