30 days return for a safe purchase

You have 30 days to change your mind. If the parts you order don't suit you, don't worry! Within 15 days after receiving your order, you will be refunded in full, for the next 15 days, a credit note that you can use on Axone-Spadone.fr will be created.

The condition for being reimbursed? Contact our order department. If your order was delivered by Colissimo in France, we will send you a free Colissimo Retour label. Otherwise, the expenses of return are with your load. All you have to do is send us back the parts in good condition and all the accompanying elements (box, instructions...). Don't forget to mention your order number in the parcel. Simple, isn't it?

Return your goods to the following address:
3, rue Pierre Dreyfus
90100 DELLE - France

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